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Though Covid-19 still continues to be a major health concern, I am booking events again starting May 1st as I will be fully vaccinated by then. I will still have strict Covid guidelines for all events that are posted on my services page. Until further notice, I will only be booking outdoor events.



Whether you are here to check out the site or to book your next event, I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see all that I have to offer. Enjoy your visit & be sure to leave me a message to let me know you stopped by!

With a variety of events to offer, DJ Brian guarantees satisfaction to all his customers. As a family-friendly entertainer, DJ Brian will NEVER play any song with explicit lyrics. Check out some of the features below that DJ Brian offers for any event throughout the year.

Share Your Talents!


Don't be afraid to show your hidden talent! Karaoke is available at no extra cost to get your guests involved. There are numerous songs for young & old to enjoy. One of DJ BRIAN's favorite karaoke traditions is called

"Scary-oke" - Let DJ BRIAN or your friends make your selection for you - you'll know what your singing when it hits the screen!

*Currently Unavailable*

Test Your Knowledge!


Get your thinking caps on & enjoy some trivia! Every hour, half hour or at your request, DJ Brian can whip up some music trivia or whatever would be suitable for your event. Let DJ Brian know if you would like this to be part of your event so it can be properly coordinated.

*currently unavailable*

Let's Party!

Party Games

No matter what your event is, there is always room for fun, especially if kids are involved. When coordinating your event, let DJ BRIAN know you would like to have some games and some great ideas will come your way!

*currently unavailable*