DJ BRIAN Entertainment Services


DJ Services & Package Deals for 2019

DJ BRIAN offers a wide range of services for many different events. Scroll down to see some of the many services available and what you can expect to receive with your event package.


Price is $150/hr. (additional $50 to hold the date, due during consultation & contract signing)

Today is the most important day of your lives. Let DJ Brian worry about all the details using his experience & professionalism as you relax and enjoy your special day! Your wedding package will include a complete wedding worksheet covering every minute of your day (to be completed during consultation), nonstop music of your choice, lighting effects, unlimited special requests (including last minute changes) & announcements.


Price is $250/4 hrs. (add a special theme for only $50!)

Happy Birthday to You! This package is for all ages (kids, teens, adults & seniors) as no birthday should go unnoticed. DJ BRIAN wants you to shine on your special day. Your package will include 4 hrs. of nonstop music of your choice, lighting effects, dance party, karaoke if desired and unlimited special requests. Also, you will get front page Happy Birthday wishes (under 18, parental consent required) and all kids will receive a complimentary glow stick!

Make it a theme and whatever DJ BRIAN provides...
YOU KEEP as souvenirs!


Price is $250/4 hrs. (add a special theme for only $50)

Kids don't need a birthday to have a special celebration. This package is designed for anyone under age 18. Whatever the reason for your party (i.e. pool party, Easter egg hunt, Youth Group events, etc.), DJ BRIAN will boost things up with 4 hrs. of nonstop music of choice, lighting effects, karaoke, any desired games, and special requests. All kids under 18 will also receive a complimentary glow stick!


Price is $200/4 hrs. (add a special theme for only $50!)

Looking to kick back with family & friends? No need for a special occasion, just let DJ BRIAN add some of your favorite tunes to a day of fun & delicious food! As with most packages, you will get 4 hrs. of music choice, lighting effects, dance party, karaoke, yard games & special requests.


Price is $150 for Preschool/Kindergarten
             $200 for Grades 1-8 (Grade School)
             $250 for High School/College
             $400 for High School Proms

This package is great for all your school dances whether it be preschool, kindergarten, grade school, high school or even college. Also included are graduation parties any other special events throughout the year (for holiday parties - see holiday package price). This package includes 4 hrs. of requested music by students/faculty, lighting effects, dance party, karaoke & a special FB shoutout to your school.

Complimentary glow sticks will be given 
to all students in grades K-8


Price is $300/ 4 hrs. 
($500 if on Christmas, New Year's Eve/Day or Independence Day)
($400 if on any other Holiday)

This package is perfect for all holidays celebrated in a given year. DJ BRIAN covers Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day, Labor Day, Valentine's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving & any other holiday you might want to celebrate. Your package includes 4 hrs. of holiday themed music, dance party, special requests, lighting effects, karaoke & holiday themed games/trivia (if desired).


Price is $25/hr.

For whatever the cause, fundraisers are a great way to raise money to help someone in need. DJ BRIAN offers his lowest price & will host your event with all requested music, fundraiser-related announcements when requested, lighting effects, karaoke & dance party. DJ BRIAN will also make a special front page announcement & Facebook announcement for public fundraisers. Private fundraisers will be announced with given consent.

  • DJ Brian is a family-friendly DJ. All songs in collection are kid-friendly & no explicit lyrics will be played at any event, no exceptions.
  • All package deals include setup/breakdown time. DJ Brian will arrive 1 hour early to allow proper setup time & soundcheck.
  • All events will require a WiFi connection (if one is available). In the event WiFi is unavailable, DJ Brian may request the use of a hotspot - otherwise, special requests may be limited.
  • A fee of $25 will be included for events requiring travel per 1 hour.
  • Events taking place on a holiday (Christmas, New Year's Eve/Day, Thanksgiving, etc.) are subject to a higher rate. (See holiday package price above)
  • Balance is due on or before date of service. Late payment fee is $25 every 7 days until balance is paid in full. Payment plans are subject to $5 attached to each payment until paid in full.
  • All events require a meeting for clients to sign an event contract & discuss all details to ensure DJ Brian is able to meet all requests. Deposit of $50 is required for Weddings only. In cases of long distance events or being hired from out-of-town, special arrangements may be made for meetings over the phone and emailed contracts. Also, an invoice will be printed to show current balance for services and any applicable fees associated with the event.
  • Website recognition will be given the day of your event. Clients must inform DJ Brian during their meeting if they do not want website recognition. Recognition for anyone under 18 requires written parental consent.
  • DJ Brian takes photos of each event to post on this site and FB. Clients must inform DJ Brian if they do not wish to have their event published. Photos of children under age 18 will only be posted with parental consent. School events will not have student photos put on website due to strict guidelines.
  • All guests are required to HAVE FUN!!